Williams Justice Court Information

Paying Fines

Acceptable forms of payment are online payments, cash, checks, and money orders. The Court will provide a receipt for those individuals that appear in person at the window to make their payment. If you would like the Court to mail you a receipt please include a written request when you mail in your payment.


The Williams Justice Court fax number is (928) 679-7688. Or email the Williams Justice Court.


If you wish to speak with a judge about your or someone else’s case, you are only permitted to do so in open Court, the judges are not allowed to speak to you otherwise. You may write a letter to the judge, but the letter will become part of the Court record.

Under our system of justice, each party is entitled to be present when information is given to the Judge concerning the facts of a case. If one party were permitted to talk with the Judge without the other party being present, it would at least appear that the party who had the private conversation with the Judge would have an advantage. The Judge is to remain impartial and make decisions based only on information presented when both parties are present. Also, each party must be given the opportunity to contest any statements made by the other party. This cannot be done if one party is absent.

There is, however an exception to the above rule. Parties are obligated to appear for scheduled court proceedings. When a party is given notice of a court proceeding time and fails to appear, the court may proceed in the absence of the non-appearing party.