Community Health

Health plays an important role in almost every decision made – whether the decision is made by an individual, family, business, city, county or state government agency.

Learn more about the health status of our county:

Coconino County Health Assessment
Coconino County Health Assessment Update (2016)

Community Health Improvement Plan
Community Health Improvement Plan Update (2016)

CCPHSD Strategic Plan
CCPHSD Strategic Map

Early Childhood Injury Report

Community Health Meeting (Oct./Nov. 2016)
New Northern Region Presentation
New Southern Region Presentation

Community Health Meeting (May 2016)
Northern and Southern Region CHIP Presentation
CHA Update Presentation
Community Health Meeting (Nov. 2015)
Northern Region Meeting Presentation
Southern Region Meeting Presentation
The Arizona Health matters website provides access to unbiased data, local resources and a wealth of information in one user-friendly location. The site allows users to search for statewide data or specific county information about a variety of topics .