Sinclair Wash Drainage Improvement Project

What's New...

09/15/16: Thanks to everyone who came out to yesterday's community meeting to discuss the Mountain Dell/Sinclair Wash Drainage Improvement Project. It was great to talk with everyone about this drainage improvement project. Special thanks to the Schmidts for allowing us to use their was a great venue!

If you were unable to attend this meeting, then please note that we've posted the Sinclair Wash meeting presentation by Chris Dusza of Civiltec Engineering and other materials online. These materials are accessible via the links on the right side of this page. The alignment for the Fort Tuthill Sewer Extension Project (as presented by Jeff Stein from Parks & Rec) also is available.

Project Overview

Earlier this year the Coconino County Flood Control District (FCD) completed Initial Engineering Assessments (IEAs) in four areas of the County deemed "Special Flood Hazard Areas" by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). An IEA is a tool that the FCD uses to better understand flood risks so that initial, conceptual flood mitigation alternatives can be identified and evaluated.

Based on this IEA information, the FCD Board of Directors approved preliminary engineering and feasibility studies for the conceptual Mountain Dell/Sinclair Wash Drainage Improvement Project.

The Mountain Dell/Sinclair Wash Drainage Improvement Project would improve the Sinclair Wash drainage so that it could accommodate a 100-year flood event. If feasible and when completed, the project could result in approximately 30 existing structures no longer being included in the 100-year floodplain. A key element of this project is securing the drainage easements that are needed to construct the improved channel. If drainage easements can be secured and funds are available, then the FCD would complete the engineering.

The FCD plans to complete preliminary engineering for this drainage improvement project this fall/winter. Construction would occur when funds are available.