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We serve the public by advocating for justice.

The Coconino County Attorney's Office is dedicated to the vigorous and fair prosecution of crime throughout Coconino County, protection of the rights of crime victims, and effective legal representation of the County and many County special districts.

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Featured Program - Law Clerk Program

The Coconino County Attorney’s Office has developed a Law Clerk Program that reaches out to students in all three years of law school. Our program and work environment are designed to engage, challenge, and nurture young lawyers. Our senior attorneys are among the best public lawyers in the state and our law clerks work closely with them on specific assignments, as part of a team in strategy sessions, and in the court room. Law Clerk Program

Division Spotlight – Misdemeanor Prosecution

The Misdemeanor Prosecution is responsible for prosecution of all misdemeanor citations submitted by fourteen different law enforcement agencies and filed in one of four justice courts: Flagstaff, Fredonia, Page and Williams. This unit of two attorneys and two legal assistants handles over 3,000 cases per year. These cases were resolved by deferred prosecution, plea agreement or trial.
Deferred Prosecution – is a program available to first time offenders who do not have a criminal history and are likely to benefit from en effective community–based program of rehabilitation. Defendants who successfully complete their deferred prosecution agreement will have their charges dismissed.Plea Agreement – the consequence for most misdemeanor charges is a fine, so most cases are resolved by a plea agreement. The defendant in the case may accept or reject the offered plea agreement.Trial – attorneys conduct trials in each of the four Justice Courts.  The majority of the cases handled by the Misdemeanor Unit are traffic. Other case types include drugs, domestic violence, DUI, and property crimes. For more information about Misdemeanor Prosecution, click here
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