Bad Check Program

Program Closing

For numerous years the County Attorney's Office has been facilitating the Bad Check Program which allowed merchants to submit checks to the program for the collection of bad checks, and/or the prosecution of bad check writers.  However, check writing has diminished substantially in recent years, and the checks submitted to this program has decreased yearly.  A review of the program costs revealed the need to discontinue this program.  A letter was sent to the merchants who have used this program within the past three years and can be viewed here

We are pleased that the program was a success in the past and we are thankful for those who have participated in the program.  If you have any questions regarding the closure of this program, please feel free to contact the wind-down coordinator at (928) 679-8229. 

Merchants & Business Owners

If you have Coconino County Attorney's Office signs displayed in your business reflecting a warning to bad check writers, please remove the posters at this time.