Juvenile Court Services

Roles & Responsibilities

Our department is responsible for juvenile delinquency and dependency court operations, probation, and detention.

Our Mission

Develop our youths' Pro-Social Life Skills, Beliefs, and Motivations
That create short and long term successes and community protection.

Our Mission's Model

Step Up Juvenile Justice
  • Youth and family centered practices
  • Outcome-based, performance-driven, skill development programming
  • Integrated programming and care givers

About Step Up Juvenile Justice

Five Pro-Social Life Skills

  Develop our youths' pro-social life skills, beliefs, and motivations
  • Positive Daily Routine with Rules and Boundaries (Structure Law Abiding Living)
  • Making Things Right (Restorative Accountability)
  • Staying Out of Trouble (Relapse Prevention)
  • Preparing for the Future (Education, Employment, and Special Strength Building)
  • Positive Support System Building (Positive People and Activities that Facilitate Success)

Three Key Parenting Resources

  Empower parents to take effective parenting actions for their child
  • Positive Structure and Supervision
  • Modeling and Teaching Pro-Social Behaviors and Skills
  • Positive Adult Care and Leadership