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January 2018 - Ring in the New Year

Happy New Year! Here at Parks and Recreation, we’re ringing in 2018 with a spring in our step and a focus on the outdoors. Are you looking to get an outdoorsy start to the new year? We can help. Here are 10 ideas that are worth exploring!

  • County Parks and Natural Areas – CCPR manages 24 miles of trails in our county parks and natural areas. Explore the Fort Tuthill trail system on the 5-mile Soldiers Trail, or the new Rogers Lake trail system, with the 4-mile Gold Digger Trail and the 2-mile 2-Spot Trail. 
  • Children & Nature Network – Got kids? The Children & Nature Network offered a Vitamin N Challenge (N as in Nature) last year, with over 10,000 activity ideas shared on social media. Visit their website to see a list of the challenge winners and get inspired! 
  • National Park Service – The National Park Service offers four entrance fee-free days in 2018, with the first one coming up Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 15. Arizona has 22 national parks and monuments, so there are a lot of opportunities to get out and explore. 
  • U.S. Forest Service – The U.S. Forest Service also offers Fee Free Days for sites on the Coconino National Forest – Red Rock Ranger District. 
  • Arizona State Parks & Trails – State Parks kicked off 2018 with New Year hikes and will continue to feature guided hikes all year long. Visit their website for a list of their events, including full moon hikes.
  • Arizona Trail – The 800-mile long Arizona National Scenic Trail was completed in 2011 and runs the entire length of the state, from Mexico to Utah. There are several segments that are easily accessible from the Flagstaff area. Visit their website for an interactive map that shows trail segments.
  • National Recreation and Park Association – NRPA hosts Family Health & Fitness Day in June, as well as Parks & Recreation Month in July, helping focus local activities on a national scale. 
  • Flagstaff Loop Trail – This multi-use, non-motorized, 42-mile loop trail around Flagstaff is in the works, with many existing trails helping to serve as connectors. Once completed, there will be 8 passages not more than 15 miles in length, so people can complete a passage on foot in a day. Visit their website for an interactive map.
  • FUTS Trail – The Flagstaff Urban Trail System, or FUTS, is a city-wide network of non-motorized, shared-use pathways. There’s about 56 miles of the FUTS completed already, so there’s plenty of area to explore. 
  • International Dark-Sky Association – Not only are Flagstaff, Sedona, and Big Park (or Village of Oak Creek) all Dark Sky Cities, but many parks are starting to become Dark Sky Parks. Visit their website for a list of places to explore dark skies. In September, Flagstaff hosts a Star Party at Buffalo Park and provides telescopes for night-time viewing. In November, Coconino County and the Glen Canyon Natural History Association host the Navajo Bridge Star Party.

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