2018 FUSD Candidate Statements

Anne Dunno FUSD Candidate

Anne Dunno, FUSD School Board Candidate

As parent, working professional and northern Arizona resident for nearly two decades, I am passionate about public education and how it influences our quality of life as a community.

I am running for school board to serve over 9800 students and will commit to working with board members and the Superintendent for thoughtful and deliberate decision‐making on key issues that can have big impacts for families, teachers and the greater community. As an elected board member, I will consider public and stakeholder input, but ultimately, my vote will always be rooted in the best interests of students.

I believe in the FUSD mission “to create opportunities for students to discover their path of excellence”. The K‐12 education experience should be about self discovery in a learning environment that leverages diversity and accessibility for all students.

FUSD continues to walk towards the vision “to be the premiere educational choice for the greater Flagstaff community.” I am proud of FUSD and how our community rallied to support local public schools. Over the past decade, FUSD stepped up with new programs and partnerships. As an FUSD parent and past PTO volunteer, I witnessed teachers and staff work tirelessly on behalf of our kids.

Often board members come from professional teaching backgrounds. My strength and contribution to the current school board mix is my diverse employment history in both public and private sectors along with my volunteer and parent perspective.

As a capital project manager for a local public agency, part of my role is to align goals and find consensus among diverse stakeholders. I am fortunate to be inspired by numerous leaders and elected officials; they are role models of how a high functioning board and staff communicate to achieve big picture outcomes. I will bring this approach as FUSD Board Member.

My other valuable past experiences include more than a dozen years in the civil engineering field as both employee and business owner. The most unlikely job on my resume is that of a Forest Service firefighter, an interesting position for someone with a college degree in economics and Spanish.

Serving on the FUSD Citizens Budget and Bond Oversite Committees provides me astute insight of the budget and understanding of judicious fiscal policies.

Education’s future landscape will be drastically different from today. It is both challenging and exciting to envision FUSD in 2040. Parent involvement will always be a cornerstone, but delivery of learning will certainly change. Our school district needs individuals, like me, who are committed to community and staff engagement for the most innovative, effective, and economical education methods.

When I look to Flagstaff’s future, I want a robust economy made up of FUSD graduates. As our community continues to evolve, so should our school board and our mindsets.

It would be my honor to work on your behalf and that of our students. By voting for me, you choose a candidate who is committed to the betterment of our community.

Carol Haden, FUSD School Board Candidate 

My vision for FUSD is that we prepare each student with the knowledge and skills needed for their chosen path beyond high school. I feel that the strength of our public schools is that they strive to meet the needs of all learners, and I am committed to accessible education for all students. During my 25 years as a resident of Flagstaff, I have dedicated my career to education. My husband and I have watched our two sons grow and thrive through the FUSD schools from elementary through high school.

Carol Haden FUSD Candidate

I have served on the Flagstaff Unified School District Governing Board since May of 2017 when I was appointed to fill an open seat. As a board member, I have listened to parents and community members to understand their concerns about our facilities and programs. I have contributed to decisions to allocate resources in a way that works toward equity in our schools. With every issue, including equity, I have used research and data to examine gaps in achievement and the effectiveness of potential solutions in reducing those gaps.

I bring many years of experience in education to my service on the board. I began my career in education more than 30 years ago as a high school science teacher in Tuba City, Arizona. Since earning my doctorate in education, I have worked as a researcher who studies educational programs to understand how well they are working for the learners they serve. I apply my background as a teacher, my understanding of effective instruction, and my skills in using data to inform decision-making to my work on the board.

In my profession, and as a governing board member, I have seen the positive impact of good teaching and effective leadership on student learning and engagement. It is essential to have a governing board, administrators, teachers and staff who are fully committed to the view that all students can succeed. To that end, I have worked collaboratively with other governing board members and FUSD staff to set district goals that respond to the needs of our learners. Through strategic planning and sound fiscal management, I am part of a team that strives to provide the support and resources necessary to achieve the vision of success for all students. This has included working to improve teacher pay so that we might attract and retain the best in the profession, prioritizing needs for our facilities and supporting technology and curriculum updates for our classrooms.

In the past 16 months on the board, I have gained a deep understanding of the successes FUSD can celebrate and the challenges we face as a district. I have shown myself to be an effective and collaborative team member who strives to fully understand an issue and listen to all perspectives before casting a vote. If elected, I will continue to set high expectations for FUSD staff and students and further contribute to the board’s work toward providing the best education possible for the students we serve.

Philan Tree, FUSD School Board Candidate

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