Enhanced Emergency 9-1-1 System

Major Objectives

The GIS Department is working to create a database of all address points within Coconino County in order to provide the information needed for the Enhanced Emergency 911 system. This will allow Coconino County to provide the needed information for appropriate emergency and non-emergency response and support the needs of the 911 dispatch center. The following major objectives have been identified:
  • To provide a means for expedient emergency response by fire, police, rescue, medical, and any other emergency services
  • To establish a property location that will serve as emergency 911 locator
  • To assist in the proper delivery of mail, utility, and other services
  • To provide property owners and the county with a convenient, accurate, and systematic means of identifying property
  • To name new streets and rename old streets with conflicting or duplicate names in order to provide for efficient emergency services
  • To support the County move to the Enhanced 911 Emergency System

911 Readdressing Status Map

View an image of the 911 readdressing status map.

For More Information

For further information about the project, call 928-679-7800.