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  • The recorder's office is comprised of the recording division, which includes the offices of Microfilm, Mailroom, and Elections Department.
  • Responsibilities include processing and creating a public record of all documents received in a timely manner, and to insure that all records are easily accessible to the public, and conducting all aspects of elections including voter management, outreach, and election processes.
  • Search Recorded Documents VIEW HERE
    • The search range for maps is January 1, 1891 to the current end date.
    • Document images are available from March 29, 1999 to the current date.
    • These images are in PDF format and will contain the "unofficial copy" watermark.
    • If there is a requirement for a map without this watermark please contact the Coconino County Recorder.

Public Record Information

  • Our records are indexed in chronological, alphabetical order by name or docket and page number, or after March 29, 1999, by document number.
  • Indexing is done by computer from January 1983 to the present. Index books and microfilm are available prior to this date.
  • You will need at least one party's name and approximate date of transaction.

Recording Fees are as follows:

  • Deed of Release - $10 flat fee**
  • Deeds of Conveyance - $15 flat fee**
    • $2 for filling Affidavit of Property Value
    • $3 for listing the beneficiaries of a trust
  • Deeds of Trust or Mortgages - $25 flat fee**
  • $10 per document for the first five pages of all other document types*
    • $1 per page after the first five pages
*Refer to Fee Schedule or contact the Recorder’s Office to verify fee.
**These new standardized fees are set at a flat rate and include any previous fees that were charged for extra pages, postage and handling. These fees apply to documents whether they are submitted in the office, through mail or through e-recording.
The following additional fees still apply:
  • Affidavit of Value - $2.00
  • Each additional indexing category on the same document - $3.00
  • Each additional transaction on the same document - $3.00

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