Patrol Districts

File a Police Report

To file a police report:
  • Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies
  • Dial (928) 774-4523, option 1 for non-emergencies

Community Policing

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division is dedicated to preventing and responding to crimes in Coconino County. The patrol division also works closely with the Criminal Investigations Division in providing support to the detectives.
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The Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is committed to the community policing philosophy. The goals are to:
  • Meet the needs of the community and work toward the common good of the community
  • Enhance the quality of life within the community
  • Establish alliances among law enforcement, community members, businesses, and other government entities
  • Become part of the community and develop a thorough understanding of the day-to-day activities within the community
  • Facilitate crime prevention and problem solving within the community
Patrol Districts
The Coconino County Sheriff's Office Patrol Function is divided into three geographical patrol districts: Flagstaff (includes Tuba City, Sedona, Blue Ridge, and Forest Lakes), Page (includes Fredonia), and Williams (includes Grand Canyon).
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Flagstaff Patrol District Staff

  • Lieutenant Jim Coffey, Flagstaff Patrol Lieutenant, (928) 226-5060
  • Sergeant Bill Rackley, Administrative Sergeant
  • Sergeants John Jamison, Jason Lurkins, Dustin Maggard and James Steng

Page Patrol District Staff

  • Page General Business Line: (928) 645-8873
  • Lieutenant Bret Axlund, Page Patrol and Page Detention, (928) 679-8705
  • Sergeant Seth Cutchen

Williams Patrol District Staff

  • Williams General Business Line: (928) 635-4487
  • Lieutenant Brian Tozer, Patrol Lieutenant, (928) 679-8730
  • Sergeants Gerrit Boeck and Mike Sifling

Requests for Officers for Special Events

If you are in need of officers to provide security for special events, please call our Administrative Office at (928) 226-5012 and ask for Extra Duty Assignment Coordinator.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Sheriff's Office also has a number of members in our Volunteer Patrol Program. These individuals provide a valuable service to our Community Policing Program.