K9 Unit

Coconino County Sheriff's Office K9 Kiko

Unit Responsibilities & Services

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit was formed in 2007 and currently has two Police Service Dog teams. Each K-9 team consists of a sworn veteran deputy and a certified dual-purpose police service dog. Canines in our patrol division live with and respond to scenes with a deputy who has been through specific training with the dog. The K-9 teams were created to assist Sheriff’s Office personnel in:
  • Searching for hidden suspects
  • Locating articles or evidence of a crime
  • Protecting officers and the public from serious injury or death
  • Assisting in the arrest and apprehension of felons
  • Detecting the presence of narcotics
The K-9 Unit provides specialized services in situations when a canine can be used more effectively and with a greater degree of safety than a deputy without a canine. K-9 Unit services are available to assist local, state, and federal agencies. The K-9 teams also provide demonstrations for public and civic organizations. The dogs are a favorite with children and adults alike and open up a new avenue of communication between deputies and the public.

About Our Dogs

  • Ruger - Our newest canine is a German Shepherd from Czechoslovakia. His handler and partner is Deputy Christie Wenstrom. Ruger joined our ranks in February 2014 thanks to a grant from the 100 Club of Arizona. Look for Ruger at upcoming community events
  • Kiko - Retired in 2016, Kiko came to us in 2008 thanks to a generous donation from a family in the community of Blue Ridge. Kiko is a Belgian Malinois from Slovakia. Kiko and his handler Deputy Shouse attended a 320-hour Service Dog Academy sponsored by the Arizona Department of Corrections. They were certified as a Patrol Dog Team and Narcotic Detector Dog Team by the National Police Canine Association. The donors wish to remain anonymous, but are very happy to be giving back to the community.
  • Viktor - Retired in 2012, Viktor was the first dog to join the Sheriff’s Office ranks. Viktor is a Belgian Malinois from Holland. Viktor and his handler, Corporal Boeck attended the Arizona Department of Public Safety Service Dog Academy.
  • Search & Rescue Canines - The Coconino County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit (SAR) also utilizes canines in search and rescue missions. These dogs are trained for tracking and trailing and are of great value in looking for people who may be unresponsive, such as Alzheimer’s patients and young children. Their keen sense of smell can be called upon in cases where there are few clues.

Funding & Donor Recognition

We are extremely appreciative of the many people who have made our K-9 Program a reality and a success. In addition to the previously mentioned donations, our Patrol K-9 Unit receives grants funding from COPS and The 100 Club of Arizona as well as donations and assistance from many community members including Warren and Kristi Hubbard of Olsen’s Grain in Flagstaff, Canyon Pet Hospital, and other private citizens in the community who wish to remain anonymous.
Coconino County Sheriff's Office K9 Viktor
The addition of the canines to our force is truly a cooperative community effort that is providing enhanced law enforcement and public safety services to our community.


Gerrit Boeck, Sergeant
Rick Shouse, Deputy