Superior Court Division I

Coconino County Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Hatch was born and raised in Arizona. Her family has lived in Northern Arizona for more than a century. Judge Hatch graduated from the University of Utah’s College of Law in 1986. She then worked as an associate for a law firm in St. George, Utah for the next 3 years. During this time, she represented clients in personal injury, civil, and criminal cases. She also served the smaller area towns in municipal matters.

In 1989 Judge Hatch moved back to Flagstaff, Arizona, and continued her career as a public defender in the Coconino County Public Defender’s Office. While practicing as a public attorney, Judge Hatch represented hundreds of clients charged with everything from theft to first degree murder. She was lead counsel in dozens of trials and won many of those trials. In 1998 Judge Hatch was promoted to Chief Deputy Public Defender. As Chief Deputy, Judge Hatch supervised 9 attorneys and support personnel. She maintained a full criminal caseload while performing her administrative duties. Judge Hatch served in this role until 2010 when she was appointed by the Governor as Judge for Division 1 of the Coconino County Superior Court.

During her tenure as Chief Deputy, Judge Hatch served on many committees including the Felony Task Force, criminal case processing, and reduction of the jail population. In May of 2008, Judge Hatch was one of a team presented with the National Public Service Recognition Award for their work establishing and developing the Probation Revocation Court. This Court served to streamline probation revocation cases and continues to operate, saving time and resources.

Judge Hatch coordinated the intern program through both Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. The program provided the Public Defender’s Office with interns every semester from NAU and with at least two interns over the summer months from the U of A. Several of the interns from the U of A eventually came to work for the office as attorneys.

Judge Hatch also taught Business Law at the W.A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona for 2 years, with class sizes ranging from 45 to 60 students.

In November of 2010, Judge Hatch won the election to maintain her seat as Superior Court Judge of Division 1. Her case assignments include criminal and civil cases, mental health cases, and default divorces with children. In March of 2014, Judge Hatch celebrated 25 years with Coconino County.

She won re-election in 2014 for another 4 year term.