Building and Safety

The mission of the Building Division is threefold in nature:
  • First, we work to safeguard public safety, health and welfare.
  • Second, we work to improve the quality of Life with strong, affordable, energy efficient buildings.
  • Third, we work to create a safer community for the people of Coconino County.
These goals are achieved through the consistent enforcement of our adopted codes to increase public safety and awareness, by staying abreast of the latest information, by engaging in continuing education, and through providing customer service that is responsive to the changing needs of the community.

Building Permit Applications & Information

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Demolition, Electrical, Mechanical, Reroof, etc.

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Building Codes, Ordinances, Design Criteria & Building Details

Codes & Ordinances

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Building Inspections

Building Inspection Areas & Phone Numbers

Building Permits

  • Inspection requests must be submitted no later than 3:00 PM MST the day before the requested inspection date.
  • Our goal is to schedule all requests for inspections, that are received on time, by 4:00 PM MST each day.
  • Please note that there is no guarantee that the date you request will be the actual inspection date.

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Building Division Inspections

Lead Plan Examiner

Name Phone Number
Jesse Newton
(928) 679-8859
Please call the inspection request line at (928) 679-8886 or visit the portal to schedule an inspection
Inspection Area Schedule

Inspector Contact Information

Phone Number
       Cody Blazer
(928) 679-8871
       Robert Hernandez
(928) 679-8858
       Ruben Rodriguez
(928) 679-8861
       Lars Forsythe
(928) 679-8863

Permit by Inspection

  • Please contact Jesse Newton for more information.