Elected Offices

  1. Assessor

    Access information about the roles and responsibilities of the Assessor's Office.

  2. Clerk of the Superior Court

    Access information about the duties and services provided by the clerk of the Superior Court.

  3. Constable

    Find out how the constable serves Coconino County.

  4. County Attorney

    Access information about the roles, responsibilities and programs of the County Attorney’s Office.

  5. Justice of the Peace

    Justice of the Peace

  6. Recorder

    Read about what the Coconino County recorder does to fulfill department responsibilities.

  7. Sheriff

    View information about the roles fulfilled and services provided by the Coconino County Sheriff's Office.

  8. Superior Court Judges

    Superior Court Judges

  9. Superintendent of Schools

    Meet the superintendent for Coconino County.

  10. Treasurer

    Find out more about the Treasurer's Office.