About Us

Our Commitment

We accomplish our mission by:
  • Managing 3,286 acres in

    six county parks

  • Maintaining

    24 miles of trails

    on Coconino County property and easements,
  • Maintaining

    two conservation natural areas

  • Hosting the

    annual Coconino County Fair

    , and
  • Implementing the 2002 voter-approved capital improvements sales tax initiative, the

    Coconino Parks and Open Space Program (CPOS)

We provide

recreation programming

with a primary focus on outdoor and environmental education. We work with private and non-profit partners to provide high quality, unique parks and recreation services throughout Coconino County.

We strive to connect with the community by engaging the public and delivering exceptional customer service to all who visit the Coconino County Parks System.

Coconino Parks and Open Spaces (CPOS):

Approved by Coconino voters in November 2002, Coconino Parks and Open Space Program (CPOS) sales tax initiative funds specific projects related park development and enhancement, acquisition of natural areas and open space, and trail development.

Friends of Coconino County Parks:

A 501c3 nonprofit organization in Arizona, the mission of the Friends of Coconino County Parks Inc. is to financially support Coconino County Parks and Recreation Department's efforts in the areas of land conservation, park development, volunteerism and recreational activities.

Organizational Master Plan:

Approved by the Board of Supervisors in November 2009, the Organizational Master Plan for Coconino County Parks and Recreation Department establishes goals, policies, and strategies to re-position the department to provide a wider spectrum of programs and services to a larger segment of citizens. Goals addressed relate to facility management, repair, and replacement; financial and budgetary management; strategic growth; and new programs and facilities.

Parks and Recreation Commission:

A Board of Supervisors-appointed citizen advisory group, the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Commission submits recommendations regarding the development and operation of a well-balanced system of parks, programs, trails, and events.

Organizational Documents:

  • Strategic Plan

    : Aligned with the Organizational Master Plan and anchored on County Strategic Priorities both approved by the Board of Supervisors, the Strategic Plan determines department goals, objectives and strategies for fiscal years 2012-2015.
  • Annual Report Fiscal Years 2014 & 2015



    digital magazine)
  • Annual Report Fiscal Year 2013 (PDF or digital magazine)

  • Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012 (PDF or digital magazine)