Hispanic / Latino Advisory Council


At least four members of the eleven shall be from outside the greater Flagstaff area:
  • Eleven members
  • Five appointed by the Board of Supervisors by district
  • Three at-large
  • One from each of the following groups:
    • Coordinating Council on Mexican-American Affairs
    • El Pueblo
    • Hispanic Pioneers


Member terms are:
  • Two years, except for the initial committee
Five members of the initial committee shall have a one year term in order to implement staggered terms. Any member, whether appointed for an initial one year or two year term, or appointed to fill a vacancy, may be re-appointed for three additional terms.


We want to provide an official liaison and communication link between Coconino County’s Hispanic / Latino community and Coconino County.

For More Information

For more information, call the District 2 Executive Assistant at (928) 679-7162.

Accepting Applications

The council is currently recruiting interested citizens. Interested citizens are encouraged to submit an electronic application for membership to the council.