Community Equestrian Arena

Community Equestrian Arena at Peaks View County Park


Construction on the 100' x 200' fenced community equestrian arena at Peaks View County Park began in September 2014, following a public process that engaged residents in the Doney Park and Timberline areas. The arena opened to the public on December 4, 2014. The community equestrian arena is designed for casual use by the neighborhood. It has limited horse trailer parking with only five spaces and neighbors are encouraged to ride their horse to the arena using local trails. The arena is a free day-use facility open to the general public and will not host structured events.

In addition to the equestrian arena, the site includes a parking area for horse trailers, street access to the parking area, and a connector trail between the parking area and arena. The WLB Group designed the equestrian arena, parking lot, drainage, and overall site. Woodruff Construction was contracted to complete the construction.

The project includes a number of sustainability features:
  • Use of landscape berms and evergreen trees to provide a windbreak for the arena to minimize wind driven export of material and to control dust.
  • Use of native / low water-use plants that over time will not require irrigation.
  • Passive rainwater harvesting of parking lot runoff into landscape islands to help with plant establishment.
Read the Peaks View County Park Community Equestrian Arena Rules

View the PVCP Concept Plan for the equestrian arena and the amenities, and view the PVCP Existing Site Plan for a more detailed look at the park.

To view public comments from the community engagement process, visit PVCP Development Public Input.

This community arena development at Peaks View County Park is one of the projects identified and funded by the Coconino Parks and Open Space Program (CPOS), a sales tax initiative approved by the Coconino County voters in 2002. The program sunset this fall and proceeds are dedicated to land acquisition and park development. The CPOS budget for this project was $500,197.