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1. How do I find out the status of an Inmate at the Jail?
2. How do I put money on an Inmate’s Books?
3. How do I visit an Inmate?
4. Can Inmates send and receive mail?
5. What items can an Inmate receive through Commissary?
6. How do I find out about Sex Offenders living in my area?
7. How do I find out about crime and other activity in my neighborhood?
8. How do I get a copy of a Sheriff’s Office / Police report?
9. What happens if I have a fire during Fire Ban?
10. How do I get a Special Event Liquor License approved?
11. How do I get a Fingerprint Card processed?
12. How do I claim my Property after a case?
13. How can I get a copy of my Criminal History Record?
14. How do I request to ride along with a Deputy?
15. How can I Volunteer for the Sheriff’s Office?
16. How do I Volunteer in the Jail?
17. How can I join Search and Rescue?
18. What is Preventative Search and Rescue?
19. What is the Exodus program?
20. How do I get a Concealed Weapons Permit?
21. How do I request a Property Watch?
22. How do I pay a ticket / citation?
23. How do I request a deputy to speak at my event?
24. What is the difference between the Constable and the Sheriff’s Office Civil Division?
25. How can I find out if I have a Warrant?
26. How do I get an Order of Protection / Injunction against Harassment Served?
27. How can I find out about Sheriff’s Sales?
28. What can I do to protect myself from Fraud?
29. What jobs are available at the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office?
30. What cases does your Cold Case Unit work?
31. Do you have a Safe Internet Purchase Exchange Zone?
32. How can I safely get rid of Old Prescriptions?
33. What is CERT?
34. How do I sign up for Citizen’s Police Academy?