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Candidate Filing Information
Important Candidate Filing dates and other important filing information

Partisan Candidates and A.R.S 16-341 Independent Candidates
 First Day to File  May 2, 2016
 Last Day to File  June 1, 2016, 5 p.m. 
Non-Partisan and Special District Candidates
 First Day to File  July 11, 2016 
 Last Day to File  August 10, 2016, 5 p.m.

Campaign finance laws are complex and highly technical. For a legal interpretation of campaign finance law, and to assure compliance with state law, we encourage you to consult with an attorney. The Coconino County Elections Office is not in a position to provide legal assistance or support on campaign finance law for candidates. The information on this web site is a service to the public. We have tried to ensure that the information contained in this electronic document is accurate. The Coconino County Elections Office or any division, officer, or employee of the office makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content on this site or on other sites to which we link. Assessing accuracy and reliability of information is the responsibility of the user. The Coconino County Elections Office shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, consequence, or damage resulting directly or indirectly from reliance on the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of the information contained herein. 

We encourage each candidate who wishes to file for office to schedule a meeting with our office staff in order to better assist you.  We will not offer legal or campaign advise, but will provide the candidate with the proper forms and deadlines.  Please call our office at 928-679-7868 to set an appointment.

No petition signatures may be gathered until the candidate files a $500 Threshold Exemption Statement or a Statement of Organization.

What campaign finance papers do I file?

  • I will not spend more than $500 during the campaign.
    • Other than the $500 Threshold Exemption Statement, no campaign finance reporting is required, unless the candidate raises or spends more than $500.  Within 5 days of surpassing $500, a Statement of Organization must be filed.  

  • I may spend more than $500.
    • A Statement of Organization (A.R.S. §16-903) must be filed.  This will also trigger the requirement to file campaign finance reports during each filing period. 

  • I still have an open committee from a previous candidacy.
    • Even if a previous committee is open, Arizona election statutes (A.R.S §16-903-C) require a new committee to be formed for each election cycle.  A candidate may have only one campaign committee designated for each election cycle, but a candidate may have more than one campaign committee simultaneously in existence. 

  • I have had changes in my committee
    • A candidate or committee has 5 business days to file an amended Statement of Organization.

  • How do I terminate my campaign committee.
    • Filing a Termination Statement will close an active political committee and must be filed with a campaign finance report showing a balance of zero.  Prior to filing, any outstanding campaign finance reports must be filed and any applicable late fees must be paid.
    • This form may also be used to transfer funds to a subsequent election committeeThis form will terminate a $500 Threshold committee and is to be filed within 90 days after the election for which it was formed.  Failure to terminate will result in a $100 penalty fee.  (A.R.S. §16-904F (2) & A.R.S. §16-904F (3) )

Fillable Forms:

Forms used to establish or terminate a campaign committee

$500 Threshold Exemption Statement 

Statement of Organization 

Termination Statement

Campaign finance reporting forms:

  • Period No Activity Report  – In the event your committee receives no contributions or makes no expenditures, this form may be filed in lieu of the Campaign Finance Report.
  • Campaign Finance Report with All Schedules – Entire report for printing and filling in by hand the information that applies to your committees. 
  • Campaign Finance Report Coversheet & Detailed Summary Page of Receipts and Disbursements - If NOT using the No Activity Statement, these two pages are mandatory and must be completed for every reporting period.
  • Schedule A - Contributions more than $50 from individuals (Schedule A), Contributions of $50 or less - Aggregate Total (Schedule A-1)
  • Schedule B - Contributions from Political Committees
  • Schedule C - Candidate Loans (Schedule C), Other Loans (Schedule C-1)
  • Schedule D - Expenditures for Operating Expenses (Schedule D), Independent Expenditures (Schedule D-1), Loans Made by Reporting Committee (Schedule D-2), Offsets to Operating Expenses (Schedule D-3), Repayment of Candidate Loans (Schedule D-4), Repayment of Other Loans (Schedule D-5), Transfers to Other Political Committees (Schedule D-6), Any Other Disbursement (Schedule D-7) 
  • Schedule E - In-Kind Contributions and Expenditures
  • Schedule F - Dividends, Interest, and Other Receipts (Schedule F-1), Offsets to Contributions Received (Schedule F-2), Debts and Obligations (Excluding Loans) (Schedule F-3)

Campaign Committee formation and finance reporting can be extremely complex and challenging.  Please read and follow the Arizona Secretary of State’s handbook and applicable Arizona election statutes.  Do not rely upon only this website or any oral instructions given by this office.  If the instructions and statutes are confusing, we recommend you seek council. 

 Additional campaign finance information from the Arizona Secretary of State

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