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South Paintbrush EWP Flood Mitigation Project
Area C Rundown Post July 18 2015 Storm
What's New...
8/07/15: Construction of the South Paintbrush Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Project is now complete.     
Project Information  
The South Paintbrush EWP Project is designed to accommodate a five year, 6-hour storm event and includes watershed restoration measures on the forest and an off-forest floodwater conveyance to move water from the forest boundary to Highway 89. The eastern end of the conveyance includes a storm drain running from Linda Lane through the Hutchison Acres subdivision to a detention basin behind the Chevron Station on Highway 89. This small detention basin will now meter the water into the Campbell Ditch and through new upsized box culverts on Campbell Avenue at Highway 89.

The Paintbrush neighborhood was among the most heavily impacted during our annual monsoon seasons. During the 2013 monsoon season, for example, properties on Paintbrush Lane and throughout the corridor sustained their most significant flooding since the Schultz Fire of 2010, including damage from the largest storm to hit the entire burn area to date that produced 2.6 inches of rainfall in one hour.  
Utility Relocations: March-April 2015
Construction Start: April 1, 2015
Status:  Project Completed
Project Cost: $4 Million
Project Contractor:  Tiffany Construction Co.
Funding Entities:  NRCS’s EWP program and the County's Flood Control District   
Alignment Communications
3/27/15: Construction Daily Closure Letter (Henry Drive at Hwy 89) 
3/26/15: Paintbrush South Approval Letter 
Additional Information
8/24/14: South Paintbrush Corridor Meeting Presentation - 60 %Engineering
10/29/13: South Paintbrush Alignment Corridor Meeting Presentation

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