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Filing Fees
Court Filing Fees for the Flagstaff Justice Court

 Small Claims Filing Fee  $34.00
 Small Claims Answer Filing Fee  $24.00
 Civil Filing Fee  $88.00
 Civil Answer Filing Fee  $57.00
 Eviction Action Filing Fee  $42.00
 Eviction Action Answer Filing Fee  $27.00
 Motion to Transfer Fee  $25.00
 CD Copy of Court Hearing Fee  $25.00
 Renewal of Judgment Fee  $25.00
 Notice of Appeal Filing Fee  $25.00
 Record Search Fee  $25.00
 Certification of Documents Fee  $25.00
 Civil Subpoena Fee  $25.00
 Issuance of Writs Fee  $25.00

* Fees effective March 18, 2013

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