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Civil Default Instructions
1. The Application for Entry of Default must be completely filled out. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

2. The Application for Entry of Default must be dated and signed by the Plaintiff.

3. The Affidavit of Default must be filled out down to the double line. DO NOT FILL IN THE ENTRY OF DEFAULT AREA. The Affidavit of Default must be signed and notarized.

4. When both forms are completed, a copy of each MUST be sent to the Defendant(s) by first class mail. The original of each form must be filed with the Court.

5. The Defendant(s) will have 10 work-days from the date the application and affidavit are filed with the Court to respond to the lawsuit. If they fail to do so the Judge will consider whether to grant judgment to the Plaintiff or to set a Default Hearing. The Court will take care of tracking the 10 days.

6. If the Defendant(s) file a response within the 10 work-days the matter will be set for an appropriate hearing, depending on the response.

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