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ACH Enrollment
Would you like to receive your money quicker and more cost-effectively?
Coconino County Finance Department is pleased to offer electronic ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments to our vendors. ACH payment provides an alternative to paper checks, affording you the following advantages:
  • Accelerated funds availability
  • Better cash management forecasting
  • Reduced operating costs through the elimination of paper check handling and simplification of the bank reconciliation process
  • Certainty of delivery (no more lost or stolen checks)

The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) regulates the ACH network, a nationwide payment and collection system. Instead of using paper to carry necessary transaction information, the ACH network processes, delivers, and settles electronic credits and debits among financial institutions.

How do I get started?
Complete and sign the Authorization for ACH deposit of Vendor Payment form and mail it to the address shown at the top of the form.

Where do I find the transit/ routing number for my bank?
The bank transit/ routing number is a nine-digit MICR-encoded number on the bottom of your checks.
Check MICR information

What information does my financial institution need?
Ask your financial institution's ACH staff about their policies and procedures regarding ACH payments and remittance notifications. The ACH staff will need to know that Coconino County payments are in NACHA CTX standard with multiple addenda records.

Ask your financial institution to tell you what information will be sent to you and how it will be provided.

Can my financial institution charge me for this service?
Yes, your financial institution is allowed to charge you for providing remittance information. Most financial institutions provide this notice as part of their regular customer service or charge a small fee. Check with your financial institution before you start the ACH enrollment process.

Will all of my payments be ACH's? What if I want a check?
Coconino County's financial accounting system establishes your method of payment by your County-assigned vendor number. If you select ACH as your preferred method of payment, all future payments from the County will be electronically paid to your financial institution based on your ACH enrollment instructions. If you want to cancel your ACH electronic payment authorization, please complete another Authorization for ACH Deposit of Vendor Payment form; fill out the cancellation section of the form and mail or fax the signed form to our Finance Department.

What should I do if I change account numbers or financial institutions?
If you want to change your ACH electronic deposit authorization, please complete the Authorization for ACH Deposit of Vendor Payment form; check the appropriate box for Change of Information and provide updated information. Mail or fax the signed change form to our Finance Department at the address or fax number shown on the form. You must notify Coconino County Finance Department of any bank account, financial institution, or payment method changes. If notification is not received, your payments may be delayed.

How long does the ACH enrollment process take?
Once the Authorization for ACH Deposit of Vendor Payment form is received by the Finance Department, about three weeks is required to establish the electronic funds transfer process. During this time, our system is updated and your ACH information is tested. Immediately following successful ACH enrollment, you will receive all payments by ACH.

What information does the County send with my ACH payment? How will I get it?
Coconino County transmits ACH payments and remittance notifications electronically to your bank account. Please discuss your remittance and notification needs with your financial institution.

Rules from NACHA require financial institutions to provide payment information within 48 hours of receipt of the deposit IF you have requested the information AND IF you have made provisions with your financial institution to receive it.

The remittance information received by your financial institution with electronic payments will vary, depending upon the financial institution. Again, please make certain you discuss this with your bank prior to ACH enrollment.

How do I find out if an ACH payment has occurred?
Your bank probably provides on-line access to your account information. When you contact your bank to discuss setting up ACH deposits, ask about on-line services. You may want to set up on-line restricted access to your bank account so that you can easily track your account activity. Another option might be telephone access provided by your bank.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenn Cascio (928) 679-7199.

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