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Flood Prep Information
Flood Prep Information

Emergency Management Information

Coconino County's Emergency Management Division has some great information regarding preparedness for a variety of emergencies and disasters. Click on the following steps for more information:

1) Have a Plan. Develop a family emergency evacuation plan together. Plan escape routes.

2) Have an Emergency Kit for evacuations and a Stay Kit for sheltering in place

3) Stay Informed through Emergency Notification Alerts

4) Volunteer in your community and be part of the response team

For more information please call (928) 679-8311 or visit the Emergency Management Division Web Page  

Septic System Preparation

Prepare your Septic System for a Flood Prior to summer monsoon season there are certain measures homeowners can take to protect their septic systems before floodwaters arrive.
1. Make sure all septic tanks are full. High-water season is not the time to have tanks pumped because empty tanks are buoyant and may float out of the ground when water tables are high.
2. Plug floor drains to keep sewage from backing up into house. Of course, floodwaters may still enter through cracks and seams.
3. Seal all the septic system’s possible points of entry. If possible, seal the manhole and inspection ports to keep excess water out
 of the tank.
4. Waterproof all electrical connections to avoid electrical shock, or damage to wiring, pumps, and the electrical system.
5. Replace cracked, damaged, or missing septic system caps.
Most septic tanks are not damaged by flooding since they are below ground and completely covered. However, septic tanks and pump chambers can fill with silt and debris, and must be professionally cleaned. Whenever your septic system is threatened by flooding there is a risk that sewage will back up into your home. The only way to prevent this backup is to relieve pressure on the system by using it less.

Propane Tanks

In the event of a flood, we encourage people with propane tanks on their property to tie down/secure the tanks. Please call your propane supplier and request the tie-down service.

Protect Your Pets and Livestock

Include your pets and livestock in your Emergency Plan and Response.

Tetanus Immunizations

Tetanus immunizations are recommended for individuals working in flood areas. Vaccinations are available from your healthcare provider or the CCPHSD Clinic.

The CCPHSD Clinic offers immunization clinics on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at CCPHSD, 2625 N. King Street, Flagstaff. Appointments are recommended. Call (928) 679-7222 to schedule an appointment and for cost information.

Jersey Barriers

For information about adding or removing jersey barriers, please call the Schultz Flood Hotline at 928-679-8390.

Flood Walls

How to Construct a Flood Wall

Flood Doors and Windows

Flood Doors and Windows are designed to meet the daily needs of a passage door but also have the ability to keep water from seeping through. Water resistant doors and windows are designed for 24-7 protection against flood water damage. Flood doors are tested to a 60-inch water height on doors up to 42 inches wide.

Additional Flood Doors and Windows Information

Flood Wrap

Flood Wraps are plastic sheeting used to seal a building so water will not enter. Flood wraps benefit from additional barrier reinforcement, such as sandbags or plywood walls and should generally be built to withstand the pressure of three feet of water.

Link to Flood Wrap Information

Flood Hazard Map

For visual information about prospective flood hazards in the Schultz Flood area, including floodwater velocity and depth information for 5- and 25-Year flood events, please visit the Pre-Mitigation Schultz Flood Viewer Interactive Map. Please note that this information is based on Pre-Mitigation information

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