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Sheriff's Office Weekly Highlights
Advanced Officer Training Provides Improved Annual Training Measures
Tactical Stops

In April, the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division held their first session of what will be an Annual Advanced Officer Training. This new “block-style” training will help standardize training received by officers and address core components of officers’ skills. The training satisfies and surpasses the requirements of Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training (AZPOST).  The training included units in Defensive Tactics, Taser Recertification, Criminal Investigations Updates, CPR/Combat First Aid, Tactical Firearms, Search and Rescue Updates, and Tactical Driving.  There will be four sessions offered throughout the year. All sworn deputies will be required to attend at least one of the sessions.

Appreciation Night at Chick Fil A Offers Unique Public Outreach Opportunity
ChickFilA LE Appreciation

Deputy Alyssa Payne participated in a public outreach campaign during the May 17 Law Enforcement Appreciation night at Chick Fil A.  Deputy Payne and an AZ DPS officer spent 2 hours interacting with children and other patrons at the restaurant.  Chick Fil A was very appreciative of our participation.

Interagency Boat Inspection at Wahweap Marina Reinforces Safe Boating Activities
Wawheap Marina

On Wednesday, May 18th the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the Arizona Game and Fish Department conducted an inspection of all the vessels moored at the Wahweap Marina for current boat registrations.  More than fifteen officers and deputies inspected approximately 800 vessels in a three-hour period and identified more than 150 vessels out of compliance with registration rules.  Prior to conducting the inspection all boat owners were notified two months earlier that the inspection was taking place and offered information as to how to correctly register and display registration numbers and stickers.  As a result of the high number of boats being out of compliance, violators will be mailed a letter requiring them to become compliant within 30 days.  Arizona boating registration fees fund several areas of the state budget with a major portion going towards Arizona County Sheriffs’ Offices for boating safety programs. Proper registration is one step toward boating safely and responsibly.

Cub Scout Learns Some of the Tools of Crime Scene Investigations
Cmdr Gilliland Teaches Fingerprint

Commander Rex Gilliland spends time teaching a local cub scout about fingerprinting techniques.  

Case Complexity is Challenging and Rewarding for Detectives

Over the past year, our Criminal Investigations Division has been investigating a number of child molestation cases.  These cases require special skills in working with victims and suspects.  Victims may be reluctant to give information.  Sometimes reports of sexual abuse come many years after the incident occurred.  Often family dynamics have changed or people have moved requiring detectives to travel even across state lines to conduct interviews.  The complexity of cases often grows as the layers are peeled away.  As cases develop additional victims or suspects are often identified.  While our detectives are currently working several cases in active investigation, they also recently successfully charged an older case that came to a temporary dead end.  Their hard work and perseverance results in rewards knowing that they have helped end a cycle and brought victims together with much needed services.

Public Information Officer Class Teaches Staff the Importance of Good Media Relations
PIO Class.jpg

Approximately 30 employees attended a public information officer class that was conducted by Gerry Blair, Community Programs Planner and PIO for the Sheriff’s Office.  The purpose of the course was to:

  • Identify the needs of the media
  • Learn what the Public Information Officer does
  • Understand the role of the agency spokesperson(s)
  • Increase awareness of good and bad interview habits
  • Learn how to develop talking points
  • Practice “live” interview skills in front of an audience and camera

This very interactive class benefited from the breadth of experience that Gerry brought to the room.  Staff left with a better understanding of how to be credible, flexible, poised, and accessible.

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