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Accomplishments in public service
  • Strong support for and implementation of land use planning, including creation of an award winning Comprehensive Plan and development of targeted area land use plans
  • Worked with community through community plans creating parks’ improvements and open space conservation throughout the County, one of which included military buffers
  • Support ordinances that protect our military facilities, their missions and their regional economic benefit, such as County dark skies and sign ordinances 
  • Initiated local sales tax to fund road maintenance and improvements to bring forth local support to assist in addressing formulaic gap from gas tax
  • Initiated and supported development of Community Wildfire Protection Plans throughout the County and current and future forest management and economic development efforts
  • Work in a leadership role with city jurisdictions, state and federal agencies during emergency events, such as Bellemont tornado, the Rodeo-Chediski, Brins, and Slide Fires, etc.
  • Regional transportation planning and the establishment of the regional transportation system 
  • Resolved 30 years of need for our County Capital Building Program and Capital Improvement Planning, including the jail and related programs
  • Worked to get an act of Congress to resolve a long-standing boundary issue in the Mountainaire residential subdivision that borders Forest Service land
  • Worked together to establish the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council through which innovative criminal justice programs have been implemented
  • Demonstrated fiscal responsibility with the adoption of a balanced budget that included the avoidance of layoffs, pay cuts or mandatory furloughs during the recession using recessionary planning and 10 year forecasting
  • Participated in the most recent Camp Navajo Strategic Planning Process 
  • Built intergovernmental relations and cooperative agreements in the past 18 years with Federal, State, Tribal and Local governments and communities

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