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Sheriffs Weekly Highlights June 10, 2016
Congratulations to Academy Graduates Who Received Tyler Stewart Memorial Award

Last week we congratulated our most recent Northern Arizona (Law Enforcement) Training Academy graduate, Deputy Scott Plunkett.  We’d like to share with you that Deputy Plunkett received several accolades.  He graduated with the highest academic score, and he also received the Tyler J. Stewart Honor Recruit Award.  Deputy Trevor Wallace received the prestigious Tyler J. Stewart Honor Recruit Award as well from his graduating class in 2015.  Both Deputy Plunkett and Deputy Wallace are currently assigned to the Page Patrol District. 

Thank You to Sergeant Lois Namingha for 33 Years of Dedicated Service
Sergeant Namingha

Sergeant Lois Namingha has seen a lot of changes in the Coconino County Jail over her career, and she has provided a strong foundation for many new officers starting their careers.  When Lois started her career in 1983, she filled the position known at that time as Security Monitor which was alike our current Detention Support Specialist.  In 1985 she promoted to Detention Officer, and in 1992 she promoted to Detention Officer II.  Shortly thereafter, she became a Detention Supervisor/Sergeant and in 2008 served as interim Detention Lieutenant.

Lois has received many commendations over her years of service.  Her service goes beyond the daily responsibilities in ensuring the safety of those in our custody and the respectful treatment of inmates.  She has actively supported Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics and served on the Public Safety Review Board.  She was a significant positive influence in our successful transition to our new jail facility in 2000.  She has always been a great mentor and pillar for officers and our detention facility. 

Sheriff’s Office Continues Commitment to Arizona Leadership Program

On Thursday, June 9 Sergeant Dustin Maggard graduated from the Arizona Leadership Program (ALP) of the Arizona Police Officers Training and Standards board.  For the past 12 years, the Sheriff’s Office has been committed to ensuring our staff have the tools to study and practice effective leadership daily.

ALP took the place of the previous Leadership in Police Organization Program (LPO) which provides training and education on modern behavioral science and leadership principles used by law enforcement.  The course covers concepts and techniques of leadership in the areas of individuals to teams to organizational dynamics. 


Sergeant Maggard has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1998.  He started his law enforcement career as a Detention Officer and was part of the team that helped make a successful transition from our old jail facility located downtown to our newer facility on Sawmill Road.  As a Court Officer in Detention, he received commendations for his service as well as was the recipient of a National Public Service Award. 

In 2004 he was hired as a Deputy for the Sheriff’s Office.  He received a Meritorious Service Award for his courageous response to two victims whose boat overturned in frigid temperatures at Lake Ashurst. He also served as a Drug Recognition Expert, POST General Instructor, FPD-CCSO Tactical Team member, and GIITEM Gang Task Force member.  He promoted to Detective in 2009 and to Sergeant in 2015 at which time he transferred back to the Patrol Division.  In 2014 he received another National Public Service Award for his community service to the Pinewood Fire Department.

Congratulations Sergeant Maggard on completion of Arizona Leadership Program! 

Sheriff’s Office Sponsoring Woods Watch Community Training on June 15, 2016 at 6 pm

Concerns about dry conditions, wind, and the impending Wildland Fire Season are on the minds of many community members in our cities and unincorporated areas of Coconino County.  Community members can help keep our communities safe through a partnership with government and public safety agencies by volunteering for the Woods Watch Program.  To sign up, community members need to attend an approximately 2-hour training and complete a simple application process.  The training and application need to be completed / renewed annually to ensure all information is current.

The Woods Watch Program is similar to Neighborhood Watch and is of vital importance in residential areas that interface with forested land.  Volunteers are trained to assist local officials in watching for and properly reporting people accessing closed areas or people who are using fire carelessly or against fire restrictions, especially on forested lands.  Community volunteers make a commitment to join local law enforcement officers to keep our communities and our forests beautiful, safe and free of wild land fires.

Each year we have had over 100 volunteers attend Woods Watch training and assist by being good witnesses to suspicious activity occurring on or near our forested lands and communities.  This first class of this year will be held on June 15, 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Law Enforcement Administrative Facility Auditorium at 911 E. Sawmill Rd, Flagstaff, AZ.  Please register by calling (928) 226-5012 to help us plan accordingly.  

Sheriff’s Office Making a Difference - Community Thank You Lette
Cub Scout Thanks

Here are a few thank you notes / photos we’ve received over the past couple of months that we wanted to share. 

“I recently spent approximately 21 days at the Coconino detention facility…I am writing you this letter to commend you for providing exceptional treatment and respect that your staff has towards your inmates including myself as a temporary resident of your facility. I know this might seem a strange letter coming your way via a recent inmate but I really felt I needed to say something…During my stay I can tell you that the food, living conditions, daily rec time, available commissary and ability to communicate with family and loved ones through modern technology such as noticed that with the respect shown from your staff and the ability to send and receive daily texts, video calls and communications with family allowed the inmates within our unit or Pod to have fairly good demeanor which provided for a much more positive energy and overall better outlook and relaxed environment considering the fact that we are away from our loved ones and locked up. To sum things up, thank you for providing staff and basic amenities to inmates that allow your guests to still feel like respected humans with some sort of dignity and the ability to communicate with the outside which make all the difference in the world considering their circumstances.”

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