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Sheriff's Weekly Highlights August 19, 2016
Accepting Applications for Fall 2016 Citizens Police Academy
N AZ Citizens Police Academy

Please submit your application for the Fall 2016 Northern Arizona Law Enforcement Citizens Academy by August 31, 2016.  

Join the Coconino County Sheriff's Office, Flagstaff Police Department, AZ Department of Public Safety, and Northern AZ University Police Department for 14 weeks of the informative and interactive class.

The academy includes a variety of presentations about your local criminal justice system. This includes classes facilitated by law enforcement and several community partners such as Victim Witness Services, Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (NACASA), Coconino County Medical Examiner's Office, and Coconino County's Search and Rescue, and Flagstaff City Attorney's Office. This academy includes several out of classroom demonstrations and activities including tours of Coconino County Jail and DPS Crime lab, hands on firearms and explosives demonstrations, and active use of the MILO shooting simulator and the driving simulator.

Seating is limited and all attendees must be pre-approved through an application process. 

Applications: Return your application to: 

Community Programs Planner
Coconino County Sheriff's Office
911 E. Sawmill Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Email Community Programs
Fax Your Application To: (928) 226-5095 (Attn: Community Programs)
Call for more information at: (928) 226-5089

Sheriff’s Office Making a Difference - Community Thank You Letters
CCSO Helping Tire Change

Here are a few thank you notes / photos we’ve received over the past couple of months that we wanted to share.  

"Thank the officer in this pic from your department for helping my son and I this afternoon. He went well above beyond my expectations! We are so grateful for his help." Thanks Sergeant Maggard!

CCSO Smile and Wave

Good afternoon Sgt. Maggard and Lt. Coffey -  Some weeks back I spoke with Lt. Coffey asking for his help in introducing some young girls to law enforcement.  These girls were terrified of law enforcement.  Covering their eyes and crying at the sight of them.  Lt. Coffey introduced me to Deputy A. Payne who worked with me to schedule a day, time and location for an introduction.  

I met Deputy Payne on July 30th with the girls.  At first the girls showed their typical scared behavior, refusing to get out of my car, afraid of this police lady.  Deputy Payne patiently stood several feet away while I coaxed the girls from the car and encouraged them to join Deputy Payne and I.  In summary, by the end of our visit, Deputy Payne had spent time with the girls, had let them explore her vehicle and a lot of the “cool stuff” on her belt. The girls are each smiling in final pictures we have of them with Deputy Payne. 

As part of Deputy Payne’s strategy with the girls, she told them, “so, next time you see a police, I want you to smile really big and wave.  OK?”.  That afternoon, we pull alongside a FPD Officer.  We all smiled and waved at the Officer who of course waved back. 

In summary, I want to offer up kudos to Deputy Payne for her amazing ability to put the girls at ease with law enforcement, taking time to work with them and her general Public Relations ability.  This marked a day that my girls will never forget, a day that will impact the rest of their lives because now they know: “police don’t just go around taking everyone to prison”! 

Thank you Lt. Coffey for the great recommendation!  Thank you Deputy Payne for what you’ve done! Thank you Sgt. Maggard for having such a great and well trained staff! 

Make it a great day and be safe out there!

K9 Defense Coconino Thanks

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