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Sheriff's Weekly Highlights October 21, 2016
Coconino County Sheriff's Office Outdoor Recreation Safety Fair
Coconino Co Sheriff Outdoor Recreation Fair

Exodus Receives $15,250 for Transitional Sober Living and After Care from local Community Foundation Grants
Coconino Co Sheriff's Exodus Program

On September 19, Chief Deputy Jim Driscoll and Commander Matt Figueroa were pleased to accept grant funding total of $15,250 ($2,750 contributed by the Arizona Community Foundation; $1,500 from the Ernest and Evelyn Chilson Fund; and $8,000 from the Forest Highlands Foundation).  The funding will provide one month transitional housing in a safe, alcohol and drug free, and structured environment for 36 graduates of the Exodus In-Custody Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

Substance abuse has a major impact on our community.  In 2014, 68 inmates of our jail were surveyed. Alcohol, marijuana, and methamphetamines were ranked the highest used, with alcohol being the drug of choice of 50% of the inmates.  Exodus is developed on evidenced-based on a comprehensive treatment practices proven to be effective with alcohol and substance addictions.

A successful transition from jail and treatment to the community requires access to housing that is safe, free of substance use, a structured environment, and supportive of treatment goals. Many people leaving Exodus do not have a home and are returning to communities where poverty, lack of jobs, and a lack of affordable housing make obtaining a safe permanent home difficult. For others, their prior residence is not an option due to abuse, substance use and criminal activity that is persistent in the home.

Sober-living houses, also known as halfway homes or halfway houses, can be a vital link back to the community by bringing together addicts from every walk of life who are at varying stages of addiction recovery to provide support and community for patients who have recently been discharged.  We expect to have 8 graduates from our Exodus program each month needing transitional housing, and one month costs approximately $500 per person. 

We are proud to say that this is the fourth year we have received funding from the Arizona Community Foundation and Forest Highlands Foundation and their partners to support transitional housing for graduates of Exodus.  We believe that we can enhance our Service to the Community by providing transitional housing and in turn ensure a successful reentry of our graduates and a safer community.

Exodus & Transitional Housing Success Stories

One of our recent graduates had been in jail multiple times due to her heroin abuse. She was often homeless and lost custody of her children. After completing Exodus, she was released into the DUI/Drug Court program and took advantage of every opportunity open to her including utilizing the grant funding to secure sober and stable housing. Today, she has over one year of sobriety, is active in her recovery community, is very close to completing DUI/Drug Court, and is the “house mom” at the only sober re-entry home for women in Northern Arizona.

Another graduate successfully completed Exodus before serving 8 months in prison for drug charges. Exodus gave him the tools to remain sober during his incarceration despite the pervasiveness of drug abuse in prison. He knew that his sobriety would be difficult to maintain after prison if he was unable to secure safe and stable housing. We agreed to use the grant funds to pay for his first month at a men’s sober living facility upon his release. He completed the six month program at that facility, moved into an apartment of his own, has maintained lucrative employment, and remains sober and active in the recovery community.

A serial inebriate in Flagstaff had been arrested over 150 times. He was able to successfully complete the Exodus program and complete the Drug Court program. He has been in recovery and sober 15 months. He is gainfully employed. He gives back by returning to the Exodus program as a speaker and is very active with the Foundation House residents.

Sheriff's Office Making a Difference - Community Thank You Letters
Coconino Co Sheriff Thank Yous

Coconino Co Sheriff Thank Yous

Coconino Co Sheriff Thank Yous

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