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Sheriff's Weekly Highlights October 28, 2016
Halloween Safety Outreach to Schools Great Success
Coconino Co Sheriff's Halloween Outreach

Deputy Alyssa Payne and Community Programs Planner Jon Paxton visited nearly 400 school children to talk about Halloween Safety. They handed out trick or treat bags with safety information for the kids to take back to their parents along with a few extra treats for the kids.  Among the topic covered were Stranger Danger, costume safety and candy safety. Thanks to Sechrist and Cromer Schools for partnering with Deputy Payne to share these safety messages.

Coconino Co Sheriff's Halloween Safety

Congratulations Deputy Robert Smith – Exchange Club Officer of the Year

Congratulations to Deputy Robert Smith who will be receiving the Exchange Club Officer of the Year Award at a reception on October 19, 2016.

Deputy Smith has been a member of the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office since December 2010.  He has served both as a Detention Officer and a Deputy Sheriff. 

Robert moved to the Williams District in November 2015 where he has been serving as a senior deputy on the squad carrying out many supervisory related duties as an acting squad leader.  He is known for being involved and engaged and for setting a great example for his peers. He is well respected among his peers and they appreciate the example he sets. He is always willing to help and never complains about the assignment or task that he is given.

Robert is forward thinking and brings ideas to the table as well as appropriately challenge the status quo. If he sees a need, he will be the first to attempt to resolve it. For example, for years we have had no one within the agency that could certify newly hired officer on the Doppler radar units. Robert saw the need and sought out the training. He is now an instructor and can certify officers in the use of Doppler radar.

Robert has a genuine care for those he serves and works with. He is involved with the departments Group Crises Intervention Team that helps employees work through difficult challenges that they are faced with.  He also is very active with youth.  Robert helps coach and mentor young men in both football and baseball, he is active with his daughters traveling volleyball team, and he serves on the board of the Civil Air Patrol. He has volunteered to chaperon many events with the Civil Air Patrol that would not have been possible if he had not agreed to do so. 

Robert’s commitment to the department’s mission is clear and this is demonstrated daily. He has received multiple letters of appreciation from the community that range from his compassion while at a traffic accident scene, to his assistance in stopping a trailer dragged down the interstate, to cleaning up trash left at an illegal dump site.

Deputy Smith is a true professional and great representative of an officer dedicated to serving others.  Congratulations Deputy Smith.

Flagstaff Jail Lobby Renovation Update
CCSO Lobby Renovation

The renovation project is approximately 75% complete. The renovation includes a secure area for detention staff to safely interact with the public.  It also allows provides more privacy for Telmate stations for friends and family visiting with someone in custody.  The general contractor for the project is Sky Engineering, and the cost is approximately $178,000.

Sheriff’s Office Making a Difference - Community Thank You Letters

“Dear Sergeant Sifling, I am writing on behalf of … the gentleman that went into cardiac arrest at the motel in Tusayan, AZ…he is now at home, resting, and he survived!!!...I wanted you to know how much the family appreciated you taking his wife to Flagstaff!...You were so gracious and kind…We realize the importance of public servants and the role they play in our community and society. BUT, you will never know what seemed to be a small gesture on your part was a paramount difference in the life of Bob and Linda. I cannot thank you enough for literally going the “extra mile” in a time of what could have been life or death. Thank you again for your service to your community, state and the many people that you come in contact with on a daily basis. The County of Coconino should feel proud knowing that they have an officer of your caliber serving their county…”

Radio Frequency Technology Brings Enhancements to Inmate Monitoring and Tracking
RFID for Detention

Coconino County Detention Facility has gone live with its new Radio Frequency ID System.  The system was implemented through a contract with Guardian RFID and works together with our current inmate database system to improve tracking and monitoring of inmates. 

Each inmate booked in the Flagstaff and Page detention facilities is outfitted with a heat-sealed plastic wristband that contains an RFID chip. The chip includes information with their photo, name, biometric information and criminal charges.  Detention Officers and stations throughout the facility are equipped with devices that scan and digitally document the information. 

Together with other security and technology systems, the RFIDs help provide real-time information to help keep inmates, staff and visitors safe. 

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