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Criminal Investigations
Tim Cornelius, Lieutenant
Larry Thomas, Sergeant

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the advanced investigation of misdemeanors, felonies, missing persons, deaths, and internal affairs. This division provides narcotics and gang interdiction, computer forensics, serves warrants, provides crime scene processing, and manages and maintains evidence. Internally, the division provides background investigations on potential employees, performs internal investigations, and tracks citizen complaints.

The division is committed to providing an advanced level of expertise to the investigation, resolution and prosecution of crimes against persons and property.

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Crime Scene Investigator

The Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) is responsible for evidence collection and crime scene analysis of complex crime scenes, serious motor vehicle accidents, and major catastrophic scenes. Using videography, photography, crime scene surveying equipment, and crime scene reconstruction computer software, he provides detailed scene evaluations, documentation, and analyses to determine how the event occurred.

For questions about Crime Scene Investigations, contact Tom Ross (928) 226-5119.

Domestic Violence Unit
The Domestic Violence Unit is responsible for conducting follow up investigations on felony offenses committed in domestic relationships. All domestic cases investigated by the Sheriff’s Office are reviewed to check prior domestic violence history and to identify potentially volatile situations. This information is shared with the prosecutors and judges to assist with sentencing and probation decisions.

The detective works closely with victim witness and other services for victims of domestic violence. He presents classes to officers, educators, health care workers, the domestic violence impact panel (sponsored by adult probation), and the Citizens' Police Academy to provide them the tools to recognize, understand, and work with people involved in domestic violence situations.

For questions regarding the Domestic Violence Unit, contact Detective Pat Barr (928) 226-5036 or Detective Kelly Barr (928) 226-5039.

Computer Forensics
The Sheriff’s Office has been conducting computer forensic investigations since 2003. Since personal computers have become a daily part of life, law enforcement has seen a dramatic increase in the use of computers in criminal activity. Although computers can be used in the commission of nearly any crime, our investigations typically include burglaries, child pornography, and fraudulent schemes (typically identity theft and credit card fraud). One case investigated and solved involved an eBay fraud in excess of $100,000.

Federal Firearms Backgrounds
The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office has a detective assigned to conduct background checks on Coconino County residents who are applying to purchase or possess a class three weapon. In accordance with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the applicant must first successfully pass a background check completed by law enforcement. The applicant’s background consists of a criminal history check, any and all law enforcement contacts, and a review of the completed ATF form four. The chief law enforcement officer who has jurisdiction in the area where the applicant resides makes a final review of the application. The signed application is then returned to the applicant who then forwards it to ATF. A record of the application is kept on file.

For questions regarding federal firearms applications, contact Detective Ethan Mitkowski at (928) 226-5032.

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