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EWP Planning & Engineering
The Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program supports the construction of natural channels through the neighborhoods to stabilize existing flow paths, which provides an additional level of protection to properties, homes, and public infrastructure. In addition, the program's funding will be used to reduce the heavy sediment load currently being brought down with the water off the forest. The sediment reduction measures on the forest are intended to accelerate the stabilization of those channels, thus reducing the level of sediment produced and increasing the level of sediment captured before entering the neighborhoods. As discussed before, the measures on the forest must go hand and hand with the natural channels through the neighborhoods to create an integrated flood mitigation system.

EWP projects will:

  • Improve safety and property values
  • Require drainage easements for the County to construct the measures on private property
  • Allow for safe and stable flows through neighborhoods for the more typical floods
  • Occur on forest land as well as through the neighborhoods

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