Board of Supervisors

Roles & Responsibilities

The board consists of five members elected by district to four-year terms. The board establishes administrative policy and direction for the County and has budgetary oversight over all County departmental budgets to ensure County revenues are expended within established guidelines. The duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Board of Supervisors are expressly provided in the Constitution and/or laws of the state.

BOS Group Photo, Winter 2022

Board of Supervisors

Listed below (by district) are the current Board of Supervisors members:

Clerk of the Board

The office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, mandated by state law, is responsible for maintaining permanent files and records of all board actions and for processing all documents considered by the board. The office performs all other duties required by law or by order of the board. The clerk's office is a source of public and historic information about Coconino County.

In accordance with ARS-42-241, the Board of Supervisors constitutes the Board of Equalization and the clerk of the Board of Supervisors shall be its clerk. The board may appoint a hearing officer to review petitions filed by property owners protesting valuations as determined by the county assessor. The Board of Supervisors also constitutes the Board of Directors for special districts.