Environmental Quality

The purpose of the Environmental Quality division is to protect the health of the public and the environment and promote effective onsite wastewater treatment. Authority for the wastewater program is delegated by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to Coconino County's Environmental Quality program.

Coconino County has delegation for all conventional and some alternative onsite wastewater systems (septic systems).

The Environmental Quality division is responsible for:
  • Monitoring site investigations
  • Reviewing applications and installation plans
  • Issuing construction authorizations
  • Inspecting newly installed septic systems
  • Issuing authorizations for discharge from septic systems
  • Monitoring transfers of septic systems to new property owners.
Environmental Quality responds to nuisance complaints regarding raw sewage, gray water and solid waste.

Onsite Wastewater Permitting

Note: All fees must be received with completed applications. Original signatures are required on all applications.


Conventional Systems

Alternative Systems

Site Investigations

Haulers (Septic, Trash & Water)

Notice of Transfer

Miscellaneous Information