Financial Disclosure Statement and Instructions

Instructions for completing a Financial Disclosure Statement

Financial Disclosure Statements for Current County Elected Officials

Please contact the office for statements received before 2019.
Elected Official Office Date Received
Archuleta, Elizabeth C. Board of Supervisors District #2
Benatar, Sarah Treasurer
Cutchen, Serena Justice of the Peace - Fredonia January 21, 2020
Driscoll, Jim Sheriff
Fowler, Lena Board of Supervisors District #5
Grodman, Howard Justice of the Peace - Flagstaff
Hansen, Patty Recorder January 29, 2019
Krombeen, Robert Anthony                              Justice of the Peace - Williams            
Ring, Bill Attorney
Roberts, Donald G. Justice of the Peace - Page January 16, 2019
Ruiz, Armando Assessor
Ryan, Matt Board of Supervisors District #3 January 29, 2019
Womble, Darrin Constable - Flagstaff
Wyant, Valerie Clerk of Superior Court
PLEASE NOTE: Coconino County Superior Court Judges file with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. Starting January 2016, the Arizona Secretary of State's office began publishing Financial Disclosure Statements electronically. Complete and submit a Arizona Secretary of State's office Public Records Request to access statements filed before 2011.
Brown Nichols, Cathleen Superior Court Judge Division V
Fridlund-Horne, Elaine Superior Court Judge Division IV
Reed, Ted Superior Court Judge Division I
Moran, Mark Superior Court Judge Division III
Steinlage, Fanny Superior Court Judge Division VI
Slayton, Dan Superior Court Judge Division II