Sarah Benatar

Sarah Benatar met her husband in Flagstaff. She discovered a passion for nonprofit work. She fell in love with this area. None of this would have happened without the help of the Coconino County Career Center.

A law student in Oregon, Sarah was accepted for an internship with DNA People’s Legal Services in Flagstaff. But the nonprofit legal aid agency couldn’t pay her, and she couldn’t afford to take an unpaid internship. Coconino County Career Center stepped up. They paid for her internship and the rest is history.
Sarah is now the manager of operations, research and policy at United Way of Northern Arizona, where she’s worked for about 3 years. “I am now in my dream job,” she says. And the Career Center gets a lot of credit for that. “If it were not for the Career Center, I would not be here,” she says. “They allowed me to take an opportunity I really wanted to explore. It led to a career for me.”

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