Frequently Asked Questions

Orders of Protection/Injunctions Against Harassment

How do I get an Order/Injunction Against Harassment?

If it is during Court hours, you would need to fill out paperwork and go in front of the Judge.
You can go to the Protective Order section of this website to get more information.
You can visit the Coconino Law Library for more information.
You can watch the video about Protective Orders
If it is after Court hours, please contact local law enforcement for an emergency order (these orders only last until the next Court business day), then go to the Court the next business day to file a protective order.

I have an Order/Injunction issued against me, how do I contest it?

You must come into the Court with your copy of the Order/Injunction and request a hearing. Form: Request a Hearing. Please note that the Order/Injunction is still in effect even if you are contesting it.

How do I drop an Order/Injunction that I asked to be issued?

Orders/Injunctions are not automatically dropped on request. You must put your request in writing and appear in front of the Judge personally. Form: Request a Hearing. Please note that the defendant can still be arrested for violation the Order/Injunction even if you do not want it anymore and it has not been dismissed by the Judge.

Civil Matters

I have a Judgment, but the debtor won’t pay me. What can I do?

Please read the information we offer on Collecting on a Money Judgment. You may need to seek the advice of an attorney.

I have a summons and complaint to serve on someone. Can my sister do that for me?

No, a Small Claims Summons and Complaint may be served by certified, restricted mail. Other Summons and Complaints must be served by a Constable or Private Process Server.

What is the difference between Small Claims and a regular Civil Lawsuit?

The judgment in Small Claims cannot exceed $3,500.00 + court costs, the judgment is not appealable, you cannot have an attorney, and there is no right to a jury trial. The judgment in a regular Civil Lawsuit cannot exceed $10,000.00 + court costs, the judgment is appealable, have a right to a jury trial, and you may have an attorney represent you.


How do I obtain a subpoena? Once I get one how do I serve it?

Please see the Subpoena Information provided on the website. Form: Subpoena

Civil Traffic Violation

Do I have to appear on my court date for my civil traffic violation if I am going to just pay the fine?

No. You may come in anytime up to your scheduled date to pay your ticket. You may also pay your fine online or by mail. Please see the Fine Schedule for amounts.

Do I have to appear for my court date for my civil traffic violation if I am going to the driving school?

No. However, you must contact the Court on or before your court date to inform them of your intentions. Please refer to the instructions provided in the Traffic Citation portion of this website.

Can I have an extension for driving school or to provide proof of insurance or registration?

To see if you qualify for an extension, please contact the Court. Please note that the Court may not always grant untimely requests for extensions.

Why is the amount I owe more than what is listed on the fine schedule?

If you failed to take any action on your ticket on or before your scheduled court date, the Court enters a default judgment against you and must add a late fee and a default fee. If the Court has ordered your license suspended by Motor Vehicles, an additional fee may be added. If you fail to resolve your citation and a default is entered against you, your citation may also be referred to an outside Collections Agency. If this happens, a percentage of the fine and additional fees will be added to the amount owed.

If I originally requested to be set for a Civil Traffic Hearing and decide I just want to pay the fine and not appear for a hearing, can I do that?

Yes. You would just need to mail in your payment prior to the hearing.