Evicting a Tenant


You will be called the PLAINTIFF/LANDLORD, and the other party will be called the DEFENDANT /TENANT on all documents relating to your case.

Affidavit/ Certificate of Service

Enter the county where the property is located. Enter your name and the names of any other landlords pertaining to this case. Also enter your address and telephone number. Next enter the names of all tenants as well as their addresses and phone numbers.


Enter the same information you entered on the previous form. In the body of the form, for item 2, fill in the address of the property to which you are entitled possession. For item 3, enter the date when the Defendant was served notice to vacate the premises. Also state the reason why notice of termination was served. For item 4, enter how often the rent is due, the amount the tenant owes. For item 5, list the total late charges that are due, if late charges are allowed by the lease. At the bottom of the form, check the appropriate boxes in reference to the actions you are requesting.


Enter the same header information as the previous forms. The body of the form will be filled in by the Court.