Fort Tuthill Bike Park

Fort Tuthill Bike Park

Winter Season

The Fort Tuthill Bike Park is closed. Thank you for a great biking season and we will see you in spring!

The Bile Park is Closed

Fort Tuthill Bike Park

Set amid the Ponderosa pine trees at Fort Tuthill County Park, Fort Tuthill Bike Park originated with a community desire to have a gathering place where people could practice their mountain biking skills. Fort Tuthill Bike Park is a state-of-art, fully-featured mountain bike skills park. The Bike Park currently offers flow trails (beginner, intermediate and advanced), tech flow trails, pump tracks, kid's pump track, drop zone, skills area, and cyclocross features available for riders.

 Park hours are dawn to dusk, and is free to the public.
We'll be monitoring the Bike Park and closing it due to inclement weather, so check our Fort Tuthill Bike Park Facebook Page for park updates and our Volunteer Page for upcoming volunteer training dates.

A partnership agreement in 2013 between Flagstaff Biking Organization (FBO) and Coconino County Parks and Recreation allowed FBO to go forward with fundraising for the Bike Park. Once funds were secured, construction of Phase 1 began in October 2014 on this seven-acre facility and IMBA Trail Solutions supplied the park design. FlowRide Concepts was on site doing the bike park design and construction work through all phases.

Coconino County Parks and Recreation manages the Bike Park with many volunteers contributing their time and energy. The goal is to create a bike park for the whole community of bicyclists to enjoy, no matter what skill level. Improve your bike skills at Fort Tuthill Bike Park and then explore the surrounding mountain biking trails in Coconino County!



The bike park consists of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails with a wide array of progressive features to appeal to all levels of bike riders.

  • Flow Trails

    - These trails are designed to provide an opportunity to practice and enjoy carving turns and jumping your bike. There are three main tracks, with three progressive difficulties. There is a crossover between the intermediate and advanced trails which offers more variety in how these trails can be ridden.
  • Tech Flow Trails

    - There are several ways to inter-weave the stone and wood features and tracks in this area. Please scout these courses before you ride as some of the options are pretty big!
  • Return Trails

    - Please use these routes to return to the top of the featured trails. This helps to keep new trails from forming in the park.
  • Pump Tracks

    - There are two pump tracks with multiple ways to ride them. With practice you'll find that you can ride indefinitely without pedaling. The drop zone flows nicely into one of the tracks so you send it from the top of the hill.
  • Kid's Pump Track

    - This super easy, flat loop affords even the smallest riders a fun opportunity to practice and learn! Please leave this track for the little kids so that they feel safe and free to go at their own pace.
  • Drop Zone

    - There are three progressively taller drops to use to gain confidence. Scout these drops and start small to work your way up.
  • Skills Area

    - These obstacles and features are a great place to practice technical riding skills in a controlled environment with safe "fall zones". Be creative and you'll find that there are an infinite number of ways to ride these challenging stunts!
  • Cyclocross Feature


    - There are barriers, a sand pit and Belgian steps so that you can hone your mounts and dismounts. Feel free to incorporate some of the Skills Area features for that next-level 'cross experience!

Funding and Support

Thank you to Flagstaff Biking Organization, the donors and sponsors who helped to make this facility a reality! Please thank any of these businesses, individuals and organizations when you get the chance.

Double Black Diamond Sponsor

Arizona State Parks and Trails (This project was financed in part by grants from the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the federal Recreational Trails Program, administered by the Arizona State Parks Board.)
Kinney Construction Services

Black Diamond Sponsors

FCI Constructors, Inc.
Bell Built
Coconino County Board of Supervisors

Blue Square Sponsors

Absolute Bikes
American Conservation Experience
Banicki Construction
Chris and Mary Huntley
Joy Cone
Becky and Tod Lewis
Frank and Tamara Mayorga
Mountain Bike Association of Arizona
Mountain Sports Flagstaff
Shephard Wesnitzer, Inc.

Green Circle Sponsors

Arizona Snowbowl
Cornerstone Environmental
Friends of Coconino County Parks
Asher and Tucker Horne
IMBA Trail Building Fund
Sunstate Equipment
The Landscape Connection
United Rentals

Construction Supporters

Aspen Printing
Border Construction Specialties
Copper State Bolt and Nut Company
Home Depot - West
Western Technologies
Western Truss

Fort Tuthill Bike Park Rules

  1. The bike park is a non-supervised facility. Biking is a hazardous recreational activity. Helmets and protective gear are strongly recommended.
  2. Pedal Bikes, including Class 1 & 2 E-Bikes are allowed. To read the current definitions of Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes, please visit: People for Bikes, Arizona Statute 28-819.
  3. The park is available to both experienced and inexperienced bikers.
  4. The Skills Park is subject to closure due to maintenance activities or adverse weather conditions. Riding on the course when extremely wet causes damages to park features.
  5. Stay on defined trail surfaces and do not "free ride" into the landscape.
  6. Features are rated as shown on the Trial Difficulty Rating System and marked on the course. It is your responsibility to know the trail rating and ride within your skill level.
  7. The Skills Park contains numerous constructed jumps, ramps, embankments and terrain variations known as "features". The features vary in difficulty and change constantly due to conditions, weather, usage, grooming and time of day. It is your responsibility to inspect these features before you use them and throughout the day.
  8. You control the degree of risk you will encounter in using these features. Your speed and takeoff will directly affect your air borne maneuvering and landing. DO not attempt to ride these features unless you have sufficient ability and experience to do so safely.
  9. Look for small features to begin with and work your way up to larger features. Freestyle skills require maintaining control on the ground and in the air and are required for all features in the Skills Park.
  10. Only one person may use a feature at a time. Do not jump blindly and always use spotters. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! Always clear the landing area quickly.
  11. Always ride in control and within your ability level. Observe all signs and warnings and stay off closed features.
  12. No unauthorized building or modification of features.
  13. Consumption of alcohol in the bike park is forbidden. Riding while intoxicated is dangerous for both you and the other riders.
  14. If riding alone, possession of a cell phone in case of emergencies is recommended.
  15. Use of this facility may result in broken bones, paralysis, or other serious or fatal injury.
  16. Recreate Responsibly.

Coconino County does not assume responsibility for injuries. Use this facility at your own risk. Please report all violation of the Bike Park Rules or unsafe conditions to 928-679-8000.

Bike Skills Park Construction


Dirt and material for the park foundation was donated from the Northern
Arizona University Aquaplex project and the City of Flagstaff Innovation Mesa
project. Construction of Phase 1 began on October 27, 2014. Phase 1, which includes the construction of beginner, intermediate and advanced flow trails, a tot track, and return trail, finished in December 2014. We celebrated the Grand Opening of the Bike Park in June 2015. Phase 2 work with new skills and features were opened to the public in spring 2017. Construction of the remainder of Phase 2 and beginning of Phase 3 began in August 2018. Construction was completed in September 2020.

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