Traffic Cases

Whether you received a civil or criminal citation, you must respond to the court on or before the “You must appear at” date shown on the front of the citation. Failure to do so may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and/or suspension of your driver’s license, a late payment fee, and a monetary default judgment fee. If a default judgment is issued your case could also be sent to collections or be subject to a tax interception.

Your citation has a notation that indicates it is either civil or criminal. How to read your citation.

Civil Traffic Citations

There are three different options for responding to a civil traffic citation. The date on the citation is the date you must notify the court of which option you are choosing; this is not the date you will see the judge.

1. Plead Not Responsible
Not Guilty Form (Sign & Submit)Use this option if you disagree with your citation, or otherwise wish to contest the matter. You will be notified of a new court date and the citing officer will also be summoned to the court. Please note, this court allows telephonic civil traffic hearings. If you live 100 miles or more away from the court, you will be permitted to appear for your hearing by telephone if you do the following: Provide a written request at least 14 calendar days before your hearing to include your telephone number, mailing address, and a copy of your valid driver's license or identification card. Otherwise you may submit written, notarized testimony in lieu of your physical or telephonic appearance if you so desire. Be aware, however, that in doing so, you give up your right to confront any witnesses against you. You are required to call the court to appear by telephone on the date and time set for the hearing.
2. Plead Responsible
Guilty Form (Sign & Submit)Use this option if you do not wish to contest the matter. A court appearance is not necessary. Payment must accompany the Guilty Form. Checks and Money Orders can be mailed to our office; please reference the Case Number and/ or Citation Number. You may also pay your fine online or by phone at 1-800-272-9829. Our jurisdiction code is 1350. If a payment plan is needed, you will need to contact the court. An additional $30.00 time payment fee will be assessed to the total fine amount.
3. Defensive Driving School

If eligible, the Court will allow you to attend a Defensive Driving Class Certified by AZ. Supreme Court. For Traffic School information, call 1-888-334-5565 or go online. Defendants/Students are responsible for the class fees and must comply with the defensive driving school. After scheduling your class, notify the court with your class date and complete the class 7-10 days prior to your extension. Upon completion of the course, mail a copy of a Certificate of Completion to the Court. To be considered eligible for DDC, you must not have attended DDC within the past 12 months. If you hold a CDL you are not eligible for DDC.

  • Important to consider before opting for driving school: violations of ARS 28-702.01A, carries no points and is not reportable to MVD. The civil penalty is $ 81.00.
  • If you were cited for more than one violation you can only go to school for one eligible moving violation. For all other violations you will be required to choose one of the other options listed.
  • When you request a hearing (trial) you give up the option of attending defensive driving school.
  • Residents of other states wishing to attend defensive driving school must register for out-of-state attendance through an Arizona State certified school.
  • Your citation did not result from an accident involving death or a life-threatening injury.
  • Your citation was not a minor traffic ticket given in addition to a major traffic ticket, such as DUI or Reckless Driving.

Criminal Traffic Citations

This includes all Title 28 charges other than DUI’s, Commercial Carrier Code Violations (Title 17), any boating violations, and fishing without a license. There are only two options for responding to a criminal traffic citation. 

1. Plead Not Guilty
Request a Pre-Trial ConferenceA Pre-Trial Conference is an opportunity for you to discuss your case with a Deputy County Attorney, who represents the State of Arizona, to see if the case can be resolved with a plea agreement. If you live more than 100 miles outside the city limits of Williams, AZ, you have the option of requesting a Telephonic Pre-Trial Conference.
If you choose this option, you must state your request for a (Telephonic) Pre-Trial Conference in writing. You will need to include a current mailing address and telephone number. The Court does not accept facsimile copy(s). Once the Court has received your written request, the Court will notify you by mail of the Court’s decision and/or court date.
If the Court grants your request for a Telephonic Pre-Trial Conference, you will be required to call the County Attorney on a designated date and time, with a phone number where you can be reached. In addition, you will have to remain by this phone for up to three hours, until the Deputy County Attorney returns your call. Failure to call in may result in a bench warrant for your arrest and may require that you appear personally for all future proceedings.
2. Plead Guilty
(Pay a Fine)Due to the fact that the charge in this case is a criminal traffic violation, you have the option of pleading guilty and paying the fine online, by mail (cashier's check or money order), or at our front window. If you want to plead guilty to the Court you will need to sign the plea form in order to comply with the rules of Traffic and Boating Procedure.