FEMA Flood Risk Remapping

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Project Overview

Since 2003, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has led a major effort to update the nation’s flood maps using state-of-the-art technology to better reflect current flood risks. Beginning in 2011/2012 FEMA worked with the Flood Control District to re-evaluate floodplain mapping in Munds Park and Kachina Village/Mountainaire.

 This spring the District, which acts as a Cooperating Technical Partner in supporting FEMA’s efforts, hosted a virtual online Flood Risk Open House for residents in Kachina Village and Mountainaire to share information with property owners about the updated, digital flood hazard maps (known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps or FIRM’s), which replace maps that were based on studies almost 30 years old. The open house also provided information for residents to ask questions and follow up with the District team during the formal 90-day public review & map appeals process, which ran from April 30 through July 28, 2021. 

 The District also joined representatives from Yavapai County this summer and expert flood risk map contractors for a virtual flood risk open house for residents in the Coconino County section of Oak Creek. The FIRM’s for Munds Park are still being reviewed by FEMA.    

 Flood risks can and do change over time due to community growth, erosion, and other factors. With the issuance of new flood maps, many property owners learn that their risk of flooding has changed, which can also change their flood insurance costs. The FIRM’s also provide flood zone and elevation data to help community planners, engineers, builders, and others decide where and how new structures, developments, and remodeling projects should be built. Information about the mapping project and how to view the preliminary maps can be found at www.coconino.az.gov/FEMAFloodplainRemapping

Oak Creek Floodplain Remapping

Oak Creek Floodplain Remapping

Flood Risk Map Change Overview

FEMA Flood Risk - Map Change Overview

90-Day Appeal Period Information

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Identify Your Property's Flood Risk

Identify Your Flood Risk

FEMA Flood Risk - Important Information & Links

FEMA Flood Risk - Important Links

Kachina Village / Mountainaire Virtual Open House: April 21, 2021

Kachina Village Mountainaire Flood Risk Open House - April 21 2021

Potential Impacts of Map Changes on Flood Insurance

How Flood Insurance Is Affected By Map Changes

Options If You Disagree with the Preliminary Flood Maps

Options If You Disagree with the Preliminary Flood Maps

FEMA Flood Changes Map Viewer

FEMA Flood Changes Map Viewer

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