Navajo Nation Road Maintenance

What's New...

12/16/2016: The Navajo Nation Road Material Surfacing Project has been completed. The project, which began last August, added much-needed road surfacing material to sections of four well-traveled BIA school bus routes: N21, N70, N6720 and N6732. Approximately 10,000 cubic yards (500 truckloads) of material was used to surface about 9.5 miles of these roads. This major effort was completed with no safety incidents.

Project Overview

Public Works recently received approval to utilize approximately $300,000 in Prop. 403 funds dedicated to Navajo Nation road maintenance that will add much-needed road surfacing material to various locations along several well-traveled Navajo Nation roads that are currently maintained by the County.

Earlier this year, Public Works and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) recently identified four County-maintained Nation roads - N70, N6720, N6732 and N21 - that have areas with a high clay content that make them very susceptible to moisture, which creates muddy driving conditions and hinder travel during and after inclement weather. To help address this issue, County crews will "plate" these areas with one inch of cinder gravel road surfacing material that will be transported from Public Works' Sheep Hill material pit.

Approximately 10,000 cubic yards (500 truckloads) of road surfacing material was used for this project. Public Works funded the cost of the road materials, hauling and installation and will use County trucks and equipment for this project, which is scheduled for completion in November, weather permitting.

The goal of this three-month maintenance treatment project was to create a better all-weather driving surface on these Nation roads, which also serve as integral Nation school bus routes. This wasespecially important for Road N21, which provides access to and from Page. Helping to keep N21 open and passable will help to bolster the economic vitality of Page and lower costs for those entities that service the Nation.