Navajo Nation Road Maintenance

What's New...

October 28, 2019: Public Works has begun hauling asphalt millings (secured from the Arizona Department of Transportation) to help complete both N21 project sections. The millings are being incorporated in the road base. Later, a stabilizing agent will be mixed into the subgrade by the contractor to provide stabilization for the newly refurbished road beds. About 2,000 cubic yards of millings are being hauled for this project, which is currently about 75% completed. This translates to more than 130 belly-dump truckloads delivered and 22,750 round-trip miles traveled by the Public Works team for the N21 Project.   

Project Background

The N21 Project, the County’s first Navajo Nation Capital Matching Fund Program project, broke ground in July and is scheduled to be completed next year. N21, which provides access for residents between Kaibeto and the Gap, has a high clay content, which makes several sections of roadway very susceptible to moisture. As a result, these areas regularly become flooded and impassable during rain and snow events and covered with inches of silt during the summer months. 

The County has provided approximately $310,000 in matching funds from Prop. 403 for the N21 Project. The project, which includes roadway reshaping, subgrade preparation and soil stabilization, helps to mitigate drainage issues in high-volume traffic areas of N21 by first excavating and then developing reconditioned road beds at two key sections of roadway. The N21 Project’s first section is 0.25 miles long and located on the western end of N21 near the Gap. The second section, which is one mile long, is located at the eastern end of N21 near Kaibeto.