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Following the 2020 Community Health Assessment, Coconino County Health and Human Services (CCHHS) worked with our community partners to develop a 2022-2026 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The plan focuses on the work being undertaken in Coconino County in six priority areas: Behavioral Health, Child Care, Housing, Food Security, Transportation, and Income. CCHHS is excited to launch a dashboard that tracks our collective progress in addressing these health priorities. The dashboard can be accessed here and will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Community Health Improvement Plan Dashboard Opens in new window

 There is a lot of information in the dashboard! Here are some navigation tips:

  • For each strategy, you are able to scroll to the right to see status, implementation partners, and updates, as well as the structure of which goal and objective the strategy falls under. 
  • By clicking on a strategy, information about that strategy will appear in the left pane.
  • To focus on a particular priority area, utilize the Category Selection dropdown on the far left of the dashboard. 

 This tool is intended to provide the community with insight into the work that is being done by our many community partners across Coconino County to improve health and wellness and to reduce health disparities.

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