Lake Mary Road Subsidence Repair Project

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What's New...

April 22, 2021: The Lake Mary Road Subsidence Repair Project has been substantially completed almost a month ahead of schedule. Mainline paving was completed last week and striping operations are scheduled to wrap up today. If all continues to go well, then the detour along Mormon Lake Road will be pulled by the end of this week. Final completion for the project is expected next week. 

Project Overview

The Lake Mary Road Subsidence Repair Project is necessary to fix undulations in the section of roadway between Mileposts 323.07 and 323.40 that initial analysis has indicated is due to poor soils. This Public Works Stimulus Plan project will include pulverization of existing asphalt, which will be mixed with cement to create a subgrade structure that will mitigate issues with the underlying soils. New aggregate base (AB) and asphalt concrete will cap this cement-treated base.

  • Status: Substantial Completion
  • Start: March 29, 2021
  • Est. Completion: Late May 2021
  • Project Engineer: Coconino County Public Works
  • Project Contractor: C and E Paving and Grading
  • Est. Project Cost: $565,635