Rio de Flag FUTS Extension Project

What's New... 

5/19/17: A final walkthrough was conducted this week for the now-complete Rio de Flag Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS) Extension Project. The project’s contractor also continued with cleanup and demobilization operations.

Project Overview

The goal of the Rio de Flag Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS) Extension Project is to extend the Flagstaff Urban Trail system along the Rio de Flag and ultimately to Picture Canyon. The project involves construction of the trail, revegetation of the waterway, improvement of the yard's drainage, and relocation of the water standpipe that is located near the Sheep Hill Yard Access Road on the south side of the department's main office at 5600 E Commerce Avenue. Another objective of this project is to restore the canyon slopes so that they emulate the natural surrounding landscape of this area, which is adjacent to a section of the Arizona Trail.

Phase I Construction Start Date: October 24 2016 
Status: Completed
Project Contractor: Tiffany Construction
Project Engineer: The WLB Group, Inc.
Estimated Construction Cost: $1.2 Million
Coconino County Rio de Flag Futs Extension Project