Cooperative Extension

Who We Are

Today's Coconino Cooperative Extension is many things to many people throughout Arizona. We are:
  • Educators helping train volunteers to provide opportunities for youth participation and leadership opportunities
  • Researchers working with farmers to control insects such as white flies and bark beetle
  • Liaisons to rural communities planning for economic growth
  • Volunteers reaching out to youth in our local area
  • Trained volunteers advising home gardeners to make the best possible use of resources like composting, pest controls, and organic gardening
  • Master volunteers helping ranchers make the best possible use of Arizona's precious natural resources
  • Parent educators and consumer advisors helping families learn parenting skills

What We Do

Arizona Cooperative Extension works as a partnership between the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the University of Arizona College of Agriculture, and people all over the state. With offices in all 15 Arizona counties, we bring scientific knowledge to people every day to enhance their work and enrich their lives.


Presenting a practical and beautiful book designed for our high elevation habitats: Beyond the Ponderosa: Successful Landscape Trees for Higher Elevations in the Southwest. The trees represented in this book provide us with shade, food, and cover for wildlife while contributing to the beauty of the landscape.
Beyond the Ponderosa.jpg

Contact Information

Main Number
Front Desk
(928) 774-1868
Fax Number
Front Desk
(928) 774-1860
Hattie Braun
Director/Horticulture Specialist
(928) 773-6118
Brandie Gobble Office Specialist
(928) 773-6100
Kim Horn
4H Program Coordinator 
(928) 773-6106
Diane Lenz
FCHS Program Coordinator
(928) 773-6112
Master Gardner
(928) 773-6615