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The Coconino County Attorney's Office is dedicated to the vigorous and fair prosecution of crime throughout Coconino County, protection of the rights of crime victims, and effective legal representation of the County and many County special districts.

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Proposition 207

Find information here regarding Proposition 207.

If you would like help filing a marijuana conviction expungement petition, DNA-People’s Legal Services may be able to assist you. There is no income limit or citizenship requirement. To apply for services, call DNA’s Centralized Intake line at 833-362-1102. You may also apply online at or contact your nearest DNA office to schedule an intake interview. More information about expungement can be found at

Featured Program - Mental Health Deferred Prosecution Program

The Coconino County Attorney’s Office Mental Health Deferred Prosecution Program  is designed to give competent, but seriously mentally ill adults who become involved in the criminal justice system an opportunity to engage in treatment services to regain stability and, by doing so, avoid a felony criminal conviction.

The Program will allow the participants to address mental health issues, substance abuse issues, and other risk factors by taking advantage of services made available in the community from third party providers while prosecution of their case is suspended.

The Program also serves the broader interests of society in a just resolution of the criminal cases where mental illness has been a factor in criminal behavior. It is hoped that stabilizing the illness will make criminal behavior less likely to recur in the future.

More information regarding this program is available here.

Division Spotlight – Felony Charging

Felony Charging provides timely charging of cases and decision making to prepare the case for successful prosecution. This unit consists of two attorneys, three legal assistants, one paralegal, and various support staff. In addition to their charging responsibilities, the legal assistants provide support for other areas such as Grand Jury, Flagstaff Justice Court, and dispositional reporting to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) State Criminal History Repository for charges that are not filed in court.

We thank Felony Charging for all they do. Their consistency and attention to detail provides a solid footing for all of the felony cases that come through our door.

Click here to learn more about Felony Charging.

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