The Voice for Coconino County’s Education System

The County School Superintendent is the elected education representative for Coconino County schools to federal, state, and local government agencies.As such, the County School Superintendent is the voice for Coconino County’s P-12 education system in all areas of the political process. Advocating to Congress, the Governor’s Office, the Arizona State Legislature, County and municipal bodies, and County constituents is a continuous process. In addition to advocacy, the County School Superintendent is also an educational agent to policy makers around the positives and negatives of school reform efforts, policy effectiveness, and protecting/enhancing the role of great educators in the lives of students.

Outreach, and how to get involved 

The County Schools Office has partnered with the Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth (CCCY) to inform parents and education advocates about policy and legislative reforms, the political process, school improvement efforts, and local events around education. If you would like to get involved in school-related advocacy, please contact the Executive Director at CCCY or call 928-679-7318. Updates on current issues and ways for you to take action can also be found at Coconino Kids.

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