Tse'Yaato High School



Tse’Yaato High School seeks to provide all students with an opportunity to complete their high school education in an accommodating and non-traditional setting.


Our vision is to increase graduation rates, increase the number of graduates who enter post secondary education or training, increase students’ employability skills, and have our students become productive and involved citizens in our community.

About the School

Tse’Yaato High School is an accredited school that has a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with the Arizona Academic Standards. Our small class sizes, “hands on” and “real world” instruction, highly qualified teachers, and caring staff provide a structured and supportive environment that fosters success and self-confidence. Tse’Yaato High School also believes that all students have strengths and limitless potential. As a school, we help students discover their strengths and how to capitalize on them while also learning strategies to overcome weaknesses to become successful in whatever they choose to pursue in life. Service learning projects, character development activities, career and college exploration, community mentoring activities, and on the job training experiences are just a few of the educational activities provided by Tse’Yaato High School which support that belief.

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